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Don’t put your dreams on hold

Everyone wants a well-balanced life – to get your dream job and flourish in your career, become a successful entrepreneur, maintain a fruitful marriage and friendships – all while raising happy and healthy children. However, finding balance isn’t easy and one of you in the relationship may be forced to put your dreams on hold. But neither of your dreams should be more important than the other’s. You can prosper together as a couple.


When one person in a

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Your Family3 min de lecture
‘I Got My Vigour Back!’
‘As a child, I struggled immensely with intense tiredness. I’d find myself exhausted and lacking energy for no reason, even if I hadn’t been involved in extracurricular activities after school. ‘For most of my matric year, I wasn’t able to attend a f
Your Family3 min de lectureMedical
Dos And Don’ts For Immunisation
According to the National Department of Health, your child shouldn’t be immunised if they have a fever higher than 38.5°C, or if they’re moderately to severely ill. Immunisation is still allowed in children with lower grade fevers and minor illness.
Your Family5 min de lecturePsychology
Beat THE DISEASE TO please
According to psychologist Susan Newman, PhD, author of The Book of No (Turner Publishing), people-pleasers will do whatever is asked of them to keep everyone around them happy, putting everyone’s needs before their own. She explains it as a type of a