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Shoulder-Strengthening Circuit

Dynamic stretches and strength moves can help keep the supporting shoulder muscles in balance. Arm circles and rotations should be an

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Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa1 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
How She Does It
Diet: Five meals a day Favorite meal: Tilapia with brown rice and a leafy green vegetable Workout: Soto works out five to six days a week for about an hour and a half, training different body parts each day Favorite part to train: Legs Favorite s
Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa6 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
½ cup old-fashioned quick oats prepared with water; 1 whole egg scrambled with ¾ cup egg whites; ½ cup berries 1 medium apple and 1 tbsp natural nut butter (such as peanut or almond) 120g grilled chicken breast and 2 tbsp sliced avocado over a medium
Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa1 min de lectureMedical
The Ultimate Guide to EATING CLEAN
CLEANING UP YOUR DIET HAS NEVER BEEN more popular. Whether it’s in the gym, at the grocery store, or dining out, “eating clean” is the talk of trainers, nutritionists, chefs, friends, and family. But what does all this chatter really mean? For most p