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Established in Melbourne in 2012 by Anna Ross, Kester Black is changing the face of the beauty industry by creating quality products with a positive social and environmental footprint. With International Cruelty Free, Vegan Society and Carbon Neutral accreditations, it’s the only beauty company in the world with B Corp Certification, and donates one dollar from

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Dumbo Feather3 min de lectureBiology
Cycles of Growth & Rest
The seed of a deciduous tree falls from the branch of its mother. Destined, like her mother, to become a female tree, she lands and rests upon the earth. Depending on seed and circumstance, she might rest there for years. If and when conditions are f
Dumbo Feather5 min de lecture
We Need a Break
I often imagined him wearied from the act, beads of sweat embroidering his forehead, average-Joe sleeves rolled into blue collar folds just above his forearms, his knees weak and awkward, a gentle sigh filtering through his white flowing beard. I can
Dumbo Feather3 min de lecture
Nothing Left Unsaid
In the closing monologue of the 1970 film I Never Sang for My Father, the lead character said, “Death ends a life, but it does not end a relationship.” Those who have lost an important person in their lives know well the simple truth of that statemen