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Better go with preferred shares and Solidere

ew local options are open to investors amid the de facto capital controls, the currency depreciation, and the risks looming over the banking sector and government bonds. Many investors are looking for physical assets to preserve the value of their wealth as concerns about rising inflation mount. Some of these investors saw Solidere’s shares as a possible option since the underlying assets are real estate properties. Some analysts cautioned against investing in Solidere’s shares in light of the unrest in Beirut Central District, and because it is a loss-making company. They advised investors against investing in the banks’ current capital increase, or in their preferred shares. Analysts are recommending against investing in sovereign bonds in light of the uncertainty regarding the government’s plans for maturing Eurobonds. Financial institutions and brokerage firms are accepting checks from investors as payments for

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Business Law
The Caesar Act is a US legislation that imposes sanctions on the Syrian regime. Entities that provide support to the regime or that are associated with it directly or indirectly are targeted by the sanctions. Lebanon, which has close economic ties wi
Lebanon Opportunities7 min de lecturePoverty & Homelessness
Matters Of Fact
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 80 percent during the first six months of this year, when values are denominated in lira. In the previous six months ending in 2019, the index rose by just six percent. The total increase for the past 12 mo
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Investing In Real Estate Shares
People who want to preserve their savings and who cannot afford to buy real estate properties have resorted to buying shares of Solidere whose prices in lollars almost tripled compared with a year ago. Although the share price has tripled but it is p