The Makers

Louiseann & Kristian King

“They are each other’s frankest and fairest critics, and each other’s most ardent advocates and supporters.”

Makers can often be curiously solitary figures, the discipline and practice of their craft often necessitating an absorbed and protracted preoccupation with their medium that precludes or inhibits intimate interpersonal relationships. It takes a special sort of significant other – a person, perhaps, with highly developed empathetic virtues and significant patience – to support the abstraction and absorption of a loved but highly focused creative soul. What happens, then, when two highly focused, highly talented artists decide to share their lives? And what happens when, as in the case of Louiseann King and Kristian King, three children are introduced into the creative milieu? We give you an insight into the dynamics of a successful creative couple – and family.

Louiseann and Kristian live with their three children in Eganstown, Victoria, from which they both draw artistic inspiration. They are committed to their family, their practices, living consciously and mindfully. They feel strongly about walking lightly on this planet and using resources wisely and respectfully.

Louiseann’s parents were makers

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