The Makers

Mosaic Muse

“For owners of her work, the joy is in the detail…”

Taking her inspiration from popular culture, national identity and, more recently, folklore, Susan uses recycled kitchen crockery and mementos to create multifaceted, jewel-like images that conceal a wealth of commentary and humour. In fact, for owners of her work, the joy is in the detail, in the clash between the kitsch of sugary sentiment and carefully selected and precisely

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The Makers2 min de lectureFashion
Smyle Designs
Matt and Kylie are Brisbane-based designers with a passion for colour, retro design and creative recycling. Together they have created Smyle Designs, an ecofriendly jewellery and accessories range made exclusively from upcycled materials. Matt and K
The Makers3 min de lecture
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The Makers2 min de lectureFashion
Julie Stephens Designs
For Julie Stephens, jewellery making is a natural extension of all the making and crafting she has done over the years. Ever since she was a child she loved to create, in whatever form, including drawing and painting, ceramics, mosaics, knitting, cro