Ceramics: Art and Perception

Ceramic Art London within an International Context

The two big shows for established makers in the UK are COLLECT, run by the Crafts Council at the Sattchi Gallery, and Ceramic Art London (CAL) run by the Craft Potters Association, which also runs a second show titled Ceramic Art York. All three shows are international, but how do they compare with other international events, and does it always pay to be part of the international circuit?

Tanya Gomez has been an independent maker for 12 years in the UK. She showed at COLLECT in 2017 as an individual maker in the ‘collect open’ section. Previously (in 2011,2012 and 2013) Gomez had been represented by a gallery, so this was a different experience for her.

Early in 2016, Gomez had work shown at the international ceramics festival Clay Gulgong, a biennial event held every two years in Australia. She exhibited with a group of UK based ceramic artists in an exhibition curated by Marta Donaghey from the Contemporary Ceramics Centre in London. Not actually being

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