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Plant according to the moon

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The Marrow Of Life
What’s in a name? In South Africa we use the term baby marrow for what the French call courgette and the Italians zucchini. A fully mature “baby” marrow with its fibrous and watery flesh is referred to as a marrow. However, there are some slight hort
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Seek… And Ye Shall Eat
What sets Mushroom Hunting in South Africa apart from other mushroom field guides? In this guide I focus on only a few select edible species. If you are a rookie mushroom forager, the number of species can be daunting. The books shows you which types
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Fertile Soil
Mark explains that there is an abundance of archeological evidence pointing to the existence of man-made soils, called terra preta, or black earth, in the Amazon. “In some places it is metres thick and incredibly fertile. Pieces of pottery, bone and