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Garden with nature

Traditional gardening isn’t necessarily “green”. A massive lawn, sterile plants and constantly “tidying up” disturb the ecosystem and eradicate beneficial insects. It also requires a lot of water and maintenance.

Dr Johan Wentzel of Wildflower Nursery at Hartbeespoortdam knows how to work in harmony with nature. He started his career as a geophysicist but when he and his wife, Annette, opened the nursery in 2004, he was able to realise

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Full-extract Cannabis Oil
Makes 5 ml concentrated oil Preparation time 15 minutes plus 1 day for soaking Cooking time Several hours • 50 g dried cannabis flowers• 2 cups (500 ml) food-grade ethanol(90% or higher alcohol by volume), available from ethanolsa.co.za • a sieve, a
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Let’s Go To Town
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Let’s Get Gardening
A READER’S GARDEN Within six years of starting a new garden based on permaculture principles on a farm in the Free State, Dorothée Dehon has created a bountiful source of fresh organic vegetables and fruit. She tells Maja Palm how this came about. Sh