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MIXED FARMING: The best of both worlds

Livestock farmers were motivated to switch to game due to the impact that environmental factors, including drought, and declining land productivity caused by overgrazing, had on their profitability. However, game farming was not the end of all problems. In recent years, the severe deterioration in the game stud breeding industry at the time has increasingly put pressure on

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All of us in the wildlife industry love the environment and the sustainable conservation thereof. We love it so much that we do not only talk about it – we dearly invest in it! We believe our love and South African rand combined with the American dol
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The world reacted with dismay to the death of ‘Sudan’, the last male of the northern white rhino subspecies in the world, on 19 March. Yet there is hope that this may not spell extinction – certainly not if Dr Morné de la Rey has anything to do with