The Strength of Busan: Observing Original City Centre

The exhibition ‘Busan: It exists now as it was then’, which explores Busan’s original city centre (), is on show from Aug. 3 to Sep. 15 at F1963 in Busan. From the perspective and the lives enshrined within it as Busan’s foundation of strength, this exhibit explores this theme through the photographs, paintings, installations, and video works of 16 local artists that total up to 100 works.

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Space1 min de lecture
Hwang Yongchul Kim Jeoungeun ( Lee Youngju ( Park Semi ( Bang Yukyung ( Choi Eunhwa ( Kim Yeram ( Oh Juyeon ( Kim Heejeon
Space8 min de lecture
Integrated Design For Users: The First Penguin
THE FIRST PENGUIN is a design studio that integrates a wide variety of design works including graphic design, branding, furniture, space, and so on. They are known for creating diverse spatial experiences stemming from operational characteristics. We
Space9 min de lecture
Revisiting The First Space Group Of Korea Building: ‘Our Home – The House Of Space’
Hyon-Sob Kim, an architectural historian and critic, has worked as a professor at the Department of Architecture, Korea University since 2008, following doctoral and postdoctoral researches on European modern architecture at the University of Sheffie