Architect BCHO Partners (Cho Byoungsoo, Lee Jihyun, Yoon Jayoon)

Design team Kim Minyoung, Yang Hongjun, Lee Jihyun, Park Seonyeong, Kim Tanho Location 137, Yugwansun-gil, Byeongcheon-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea

Programme educational and research facility

Site area 34,174m²

Building area 11,901.69m²

Gross floor area 41,485.03m²

Building scope B1, 3F

Parking 279

Height 19.86m

Building to land ratio 34.83%

Floor area ratio 71.17%

Structure steel

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Space1 min de lecture
Mending Spaces: ‘Double Curly Loop’
The exhibition ‘Double Curly Loop’ of the artist duo 25hr sailing (Kim Bokyung and Keem Cheongjin) was on show between Nov. 11 to Dec. 6, 2020 at factory2 in Seoul. 25hr sailing research images taken from daily life to those from society at large and
Space2 min de lecture
On The Boundary Between Human And Environment: ‘Equilibrium’
The exhibition ‘Equilibrium’, in which one can contemplate the impact of climate change and environmental pollution and what one should do to ensure the future of the planet, is now on show at the Asia Culture Center. The title of the exhibition, ‘Eq
Space8 min de lecturePopular Culture & Media Studies
I Am An Architect
Kim Yeram (Kim): Thank you for inviting us to visit the site of your current project. Lee Dami (Lee): We are at a small villa in Sindang-dong, Seoul. An acquaintance requested that I renovate this house. The building is quite old, so there are a lot