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Burmese pork curry

Meat in Burma is often flavoured using a generous proportion of garlic and ginger. Vinegar is used for flavouring and preservation but the following recipe replaces it with

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As regular readers will be aware, I like my Leathermans. Here’s why. . . I recall receiving a Swiss Army-type ‘thing’ for Christmas of about 1987 and even at my young age (at the time) I remember thinking what an overloaded contraption it was. Too mu
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Know Your Enemy: How To Outfox The Wily Red Fox
Stalking slowly through long grass beside a river channel, the foxes launched themselves from under a log. One went left and the other to the right. The first touch of the Brno’s rear trigger delivered a load of SG towards the first. The same trigger
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Braken Wear take Hunting In Their Stride
Eagle Eye Hunting Gear, national distributors of Braken Wear, kindly sent a Scorcher top and a pair of Mountain Rea pants to Australian Hunter for evaluation as hunting clothing. As a regular hunter in south-east Queensland, I judged the Mountain Rea