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Founded in Australia, Bush Edge offer high-quality universal outdoor products that are built tough for our conditions.

Specifically for the hunter, the

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Australian Hunter4 min de lecture
Call Of The Wild Dogs
Hunters need patience for targeting any game. This is particularly true for those on the trail of wild dogs. A recent experience drove that point home clearly to me. Most times, when calling wild dogs, they seem to appear just as you are in the proce
Australian Hunter6 min de lecture
Know Your Enemy: How To Outfox The Wily Red Fox
Stalking slowly through long grass beside a river channel, the foxes launched themselves from under a log. One went left and the other to the right. The first touch of the Brno’s rear trigger delivered a load of SG towards the first. The same trigger
Australian Hunter6 min de lectureDesign
Exciting New W2020 Performance Offerings From Ridgeline
Man’s quest to successfully stalk game stems back to the Stone Age hunter, as depicted by drawings or etchings on cave walls portraying the person draped in a bovine hide and moving forward in a stooped position to be closer to the quarry. Even today