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Remaking History

Melissa Black Reddick sits cross-legged on the floor of a sunlit room among a small village of cardboard boxes. Her slight form is partially obscured, giving the impression of a young girl completely absorbed. The fingers of her left hand curl around the edges of a whisper-thin piece of stationery, while her

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Garden & Gun1 min de lecture
Mardi Gras Grooves
Blending funk, blasting horns, and pulsing Afrobeat rhythms, the New Orleans band Cha Wa’s blistering new album, My People, out this March, is as vibrant as a Fat Tuesday jaunt through the Garden District. Fronted by Joseph Boudreaux Jr., Cha Wa show
Garden & Gun2 min de lecture
Yearning For An Escape
Like many others, as the pandemic wore on this past year, I dabbled in ways to take my mind off the constant barrage of news of rising cases and shuttered businesses. My COVID hobbies included carving hiking staffs from crape myrtle branches (after I
Garden & Gun1 min de lecture
Tom Bullock's Oldrashioned
Yield: I cocktail 1lump ice2 dashesAngostura bitters1 lump sugardissolved in mater1½ Jiggers bourbonLemon peel  Stir ice, bitters, sugar, and bourbon in a toddy glass. Twist lemon peel over top and drop it in before serving. From the rolling hill