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Louw’s five tips for success

Dirk Louw identifies André Smith as a major contributor to his success, thanks to his role in mentoring and believing in him. But Louw has

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Farmer's Weekly2 min de lecture
The Big Stink About Ginger Prices
One of the few positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa has been the attention it has brought to food prices in the country and, more specifically, the disparity that exists between producer and retailer prices. The most recent examp
Farmer's Weekly2 min de lectureNature
The Main Carmingo Cultivars
Faralia produces triangular, orange fruit with 30% to 40% blush that is ready for picking around 12 days after Bebeco. The fruit of this self-fertile cultivar is predominantly large to extra-large, with a yield averaging 40t/ha, depending on climatic
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New Horizons For South Africa’s Sorghum Industry
The increased demand for sorghum in South Africa can be ascribed to an increased awareness of the high nutritional value of the crop and its health benefits. Willem Groothof, Grain SA’s Sorghum Work Group chairperson, told Farmer’s Weekly the demand