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You may even already have an image that would be perfect (if you just want to test out your Photoshop skills, you can use the portrait we’ve

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PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine2 min de lectureComputers
Epson Expression Photo Xp-970 £230/$300
If twice as big is twice as good, this Epson A3/11-inch photo printer beats its smaller XP-8600 A4/8.5-inch sibling. It delivers double the max print area but remains reasonably compact, lightweight and easily manageable. All of the plus points of th
PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
3-way Heads
A PAN-AND-TILT head separates horizontal, vertical and panning motions into three separate axes (hence ‘3-way’) giving you control that’s more sophisticated, subtle and user-friendly. When shooting architecture and landscapes, you can precisely line
PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine1 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Meet The Team…
Editor • 5D Mark IV “Getting out to photograph our local wildlife is one of life’s truly great pleasures, and Canon pro Ben Hall’s amazing nature shots are a huge inspiration to us all.” PAGE 28 Technique editor • 1D X Mk