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Sporting Rifle presents… The Records of British Game 2019-20

The is the definitive guide to all the heads measured and awarded medal or yearbook status by the BASC, BDS and measuring service since 2011. If you’ve had your deer, goat or boar head scored at a game fair or privately, odds are it

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Long Range Foxing
The subject of shooting any living creature is always one that will attract controversy but add to that the aspect of doing it at long range and it will be met with yet more mixed feelings even from within the hunting and shooting community itself. I
Sporting Rifle3 min de lecturePolitics
Lockdown Lifted
It was with a level of reserved understanding that BASC took the decision, on hearing plans for lockdown across the country, to issue advice against leaving the home for all but essential shooting. The decision was made imminently that, while we coul
Sporting Rifle3 min de lecture
Sense And Sensibility
While I – and I am sure most of you – can’t wait for the day when I can open a paper or magazine and not have to read about the swathe of destruction the coronavirus is wreaking on the world, it is true that the pandemic, and the global lockdown that