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Dear , I read Mark Ripley’s article October 2019) and thought this story would give you a laugh.

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Sporting Rifle3 min de lecture
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CZ452 American .22RF bolt action, 10-shot mag. BSA Sweet17 3-12x40 scope and mod (bipod not included). Good condition. With 500 rounds. £150. Selling due to retirement. Patrick Plavin 01303 863891; 07934597060 (Kent) BRNO .22 RF bolt action, five-sho
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The Buck Stops Here
Iwas out for an early morning prowl that May morning. My planned route was to take me from the public road deep into the ground, which comprised arable fields, grass paddocks, two spinneys and a wood. By our Suffolk standards the high ground was almo
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The final Conquest
It’s good to see premium makers not only continue to push costs in their higher-end optics but also to remember shooters who want reliable and quality core functionality but are not chasing the latest high magnification erector tube or complex turret