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Eight years ago, I would have laughed if you’d told me I would be in the fitness industry. Fitness was never a part of my upbringing, so the idea of exercise was an intimidating concept.

My fitness journey began after my first pregnancy, when I gained 25kg! I had very little knowledge about nutrition and gave in to all my cravings. I also went from working full time to being a stay-at-home mum, so my body and my lifestyle went through a massive change. It was

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Pills, Rings & IUD Things
Since the mainstream introduction of the Pill back in the 1960s, women have had to bear the responsibility of contraception – from avoiding pregnancy to dampening irregular or painful periods and easing chronic conditions such as endometriosis or pol
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At 17, she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. Addicted to prescription pills and ‘managing’ her condition with drinking and partying, she spent the next four years in and out of hospital following multiple suicide attempts. There was a
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It’s All Cyclical
FOLLICULAR – begins on day one of your period and continues until ovulation (egg release). This is where both oestrogen and testosterone begin to build back up and you start to feel good. Heightened smell, clearer thinking and better coordination are