People Obssessed with Design

“Passion for architecture and sense of duty are important to us,” says Lim Koon Park, principal architect of Park + Associates. “Architecture is not just another job. You can’t insist on work-life balance, because you can’t look at the clock and say, ‘Time to stop architecture, it’s time for play.’ We don’t encourage that. We want people obsessed with design.”

The firm’s driving concern is to push the envelope in aesthetics and construction. “We make sure that when the project allows for it, we put in additional resources so as not to recycle old ideas. Say you need 100 man-hours on design for a project. Instead, we spend 150 man-hours to hopefully produce a high level of design. We don’t have to do that. We still get

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Ray Of Light And Rainwater
“Float. An element does not float. It must be on its own. Is this glazed? No.” John Bulcock, the principal designer of Design Unit Architects, reads aloud the scribbles on one of many sketches he made mulling over the design of Suryamzhu House. The s
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Crew’s Control
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Timeless Elegance
As the leading company in superior kitchen interior design, SieMatic continues to set the standards of world-class kitchens. Outstanding design, durable quality, and a high level of functionality meet personal taste in every SieMatic kitchen. For 90