Getting architecture built is an incredibly complex act. We call architects ‘leaders’ and ‘conductors’ (a hackneyed metaphor) of this complex production when, in truth, they are at the mercy of so many uncontrollable circumstances. Good projects and good buildings are rare achievements these days, and considering the totality of what gets built at any given time in this country, good architecture is nothing short of a miraculous

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Concrete Treat
From the street, two boxy forms peer over the front concrete wall and porous black metal gate. The light gray box towers over its dark rattan-encased neighbor. Because we espy no openings on the gray concrete face, it piques our curiosity immensely.
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Authentic and A Bit Rebellious
“Alero” is Spanish for “eave.” When brother and sister Jesy and Jaemi Cruz were studying interior design and architecture, their father, a civil engineer, would often admonish them to use generous eaves in their designs. “We live in a tropical countr
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Four Filipino Finalists In 2019!
“Please be nice,” said one finalist. “Please be brutal,” said another. And so the World Architecture Festival finalists got an exhilarating and satisfying mix of tough queries, insightful comments, suggestions, and encouragement from the crowd of 80