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CHASING the Ponferrada to Villablino

The metre gauge line from Ponferrada to Villablino, 62km long, was built between 1918 and 1920, and inaugurated on 4th May 1920. Created to carry coal from the pits around Villablino to Ponferrada, it connected there with the Spanish

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Building Diesel Locomotives Out Of Plastic Sheet
Polystyrene is my favourite material for building model locomotives. My models are designed with drawing software; this enables me to generate cutting templates for the various parts. Once printed, these templates are glued to the polystyrene sheets,
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Since 1983, the Greenwich & District Narrow Gauge Society has been organizing the famous Expo Narrow Gauge show, in Swanley near London. Because the building is being modified and the area being re-developed, the hall that used to accommodate the sho
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Kniephaven North Sea impressions
Thomas Schmid: Hello Dirk, your layout doesn’t follow a specific prototype, but it’s highly typical. Where exactly are we? Dirk Kuhlmann: We are in Germany between 1968 and 1974, on the North Sea coast. The layout depicts various scenes found in th