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secondary standard gauge lines are back in Voie Libre, quite logically, we will begin our press review with the December issue

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There Is Many A Motor!
The electric motors fitted to our models don’t all operate on the same principle. The standard armature motor is well known: it features a copper-wound iron mass, electrically fed, which is pushed away successively by the poles of a magnet, setting i
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Kniephaven North Sea impressions
Thomas Schmid: Hello Dirk, your layout doesn’t follow a specific prototype, but it’s highly typical. Where exactly are we? Dirk Kuhlmann: We are in Germany between 1968 and 1974, on the North Sea coast. The layout depicts various scenes found in th
Voie Libre international1 min de lecture
How To Transfer The Part Template
The rivets are marked with a dry point. The various parts once cut out, from the smallest to the biggest. In this way, the plastic sheet is grooved. Coating the plastic sheet with pastels shows up the cutting lines. ■