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“A photographer no longer needs the approval of traditional gatekeepers to be successful”

We’re trying something different with this issue, taking inspiration from International Women’s

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Digital Photographer1 min de lecture
Marie’s Top Monetisation Tips
Be patient Earning money from landscape photography takes time and won’t happen overnight. Be prepared to invest If you’re looking to exhibit, it costs a lot of money to print, mount and frame your work, but if you do it often enough you will begin
Digital Photographer2 min de lecture
Our Contributors
Peter is our in-house technique editor, so he knows his way around a camera or two. On p24, discover his ultimate guide for producing video – perfect for stills shooters looking to broaden their content creation. Peter also explores more ways to make
Digital Photographer1 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
What You’ll Need
Mirrorless or DSLR that allows you to shoot at ISO 3,200 and above Super telephoto or lens with an effective focal length of 600mm-800mm to allow you more flexibility in producing detailed shots of distant subjects Sturdy carbon fibre tripod such as