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Warren Aitken visits the Yates family in Kiama

TODAY GUYS, I’m writing a different kind of story, with a different tone to what I normally do, so I appreciate your patience with this one. As a journalist, and in particular a trucking journalist, I get to meet some pretty cool people. From ‘old timers’ with stories that you swear couldn’t be true, to young guys with an optimism and passion for polishing I wish I still possessed. And then there’s everyone in between.

This story is different though. At the heart of it is someone I wish I had been able to meet – Kye Yates. Kye was only 10 years old when he passed away earlier this year in a tragic accident on his family farm.

Under the shadow of a breathtaking black Kenworth T909 I sat down with Kye’s mum and dad, Peter and Sheridan ‘Shez’ Yates, as well as Kye’s lovely sisters, Bella and Alysha, to learn the tragic story behind the rise of the black Kyecon truck.

The truck may be an eye opener, but the reason we get to enjoy it is a heartbreaker.

Kye’s story

The Yates family are born and bred in the Illawarra area, Kiama to be precise. For those that have never been there, just imagine

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