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From a distance Cape Town’s Woodstock Cycleworks might look more like a scrapyard than a cycling superstore. Bikes rest against practically every surface, rare Italian and French racers are suspended from the rafters and a myriad of road bikes, cruisers and mountains bikes are perched every which way throughout the warehouse.

When Nils Hansen founded Woodstock Cycleworks

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Treadlie Magazine3 min de lecture
Welcome To Paradise
Imagine cycling amid the treetops, pedalling 10 metres above the ground eye to eye with a passing song bird. Or riding across a lake; not above but actually through it, in it, without making a ripple? Sound impossible, like some fantastical dream? Th
Treadlie Magazine3 min de lecture
Finding The Rough Stuff
For the Rough-Stuff Fellowship (RSF), it’s always been about leaving behind the manicured path for something a little muddier. Recognised as the world’s oldest off-road cycling club, it was founded in 1955 at The Black Swan, a Leominster pub in Engla
Treadlie Magazine2 min de lecture
Treadlie Street
Who? Nick Kohn. Occupation? Bush firefighter half the year, bikepacker for the rest. Wearing? A doozy souvenir hat I bought when riding through Banff, Canada, a four-dollar linen shirt from Vinnies, Hawke shorts, super comfy Icebreaker merino socks