The Ideal Home and Garden


“There is always a reason to LOOK UP! Just open the doors of your heart!”
- Sandeep Khandelwal, Sthapatya Architects

“To create a curated

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The Ideal Home and Garden4 min de lecture
Design Trends Leanes
As modernity in spaces is fleeting, adding a rustic edge to it makes it warmer, cosier and more homely. The sleekness and sharpness of furniture combined with some granular fabrics, burnt colour palettes and everyone’s favourite – cane. This blend ma
The Ideal Home and Garden3 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Delicacies Now
• 2tbps flax seed• 5tbsp water• 110ml extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil• 160gms jaggery powder• A pinch salt• 60gms cocoa powder• 115gms refined flour/oat flour• 1 tbsp vanilla extractMETHOD• Make a powder out of the flax seeds and add in the wa
The Ideal Home and Garden1 min de lectureComputers
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