The Ideal Home and Garden

SUNSHINE in my pocket

Koval Bhatia, founder of Bedlam, Delhi and A Little Anarky, a storyteller, a pun master on social media, a lover of dresses with pockets, an avid reader and a collector of all things under the sky, also dabbles with art direction, designing workspaces and her home.

Koval’s credo of envisioning a space to design is to embrace and capture the complexity of its inhabitants. Hence,

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The Ideal Home and Garden2 min de lecture
Editor’s Note
Happy New Year! I hope you are still relishing the beautiful memories from the cozy get-togethers we all had at home to celebrate the new year. Crazy as the pandemic may be, it has also become a source of inspiration for many - from interesting work
The Ideal Home and Garden2 min de lecture
Kaunteya’s latest collection Jyamiti is the Hindi name of geometry. The brand believes that the art of geometry is very well presented in the perfection of Indian monuments. The carving of huge domes, inlay on the walls or the architectural structure
The Ideal Home and Garden4 min de lecture
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An architect and urban designer by education, Rutuja Kendurkar is a fibre artist by passion. She started Thread101 as a one stop shop in the market for all kinds of sustainable home décor pieces and utility elements. Having showcased her creations in