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Canadian Dodge D15

My Grandfather, Douglas Eric Balding CSM, 396 Coy, Royal Army Service Corps (RASC), died in January 2014. He was 95.

As a kid, I always enjoyed his humorous — and often tall — tales from WWII. As I grew older, I pressed him more and more on actual details and facts, even though he seemed less willing to talk about his real experiences.

On reaching my 40th birthday, he gave me a thick brown folder. It contained his army service records. Of course, had I many questions regarding some of the information in the records. Over the next couple of years, he did talk about his time in pre-war Palestine and Egypt. He also told me about his recollection of his short time in France in 1940 and his evacuation through Dunkirk.

You see, Grandad was driver in the Royal Army Service Corps. He was responsible for delivering supplies.

He was fond of his Bedford 15CWT truck in France, and still

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