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1962 M37B1 and M101A1 Trailer My “Convoy Conestoga”

My MVPA cross-country driving experience began when I joined the 2009 Transcontinental Motor Convoy. It retraced the first US Army route across the United States in 1919. My enlistment occurred at the MVPA booth promoting the convoy. This was at the Iola Military Vehicle Show in Wisconsin, one year before “First Gear.”.

I had purchased a Brent Mullins restoration of a 1945 Willys MB Jeep several years before and was anxious to use it. The MVPA Convoy concept was a perfect fit. The Jeep looked and ran like it had just left the factory. I had added a 1943 Willys MBT trailer to it. My only limitation was the time I could be away from my job. As a consequence, I could only drive the section between South Bend, Indiana to Gretna, Nebraska — a distance of roughly 600 miles.

One very lasting memory of that convoy, for

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