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Boren, Fawcett & Norton

Boren asked Legacy Gallery owner Brad Richardson what sort of paintings he’d like for a show this summer, Richardson responded, “Old-fashioned Nelson Boren: dusty boots, worn leather, ripped-up spurs, tough cowboy stuff!” The acclaimed watercolorist was only too happy to comply, creating detailed, close-cropped imagery that suggests western life while

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Southwest Art1 min de lecture
Southwest Art
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Rivera & Winborg
DURING A TIME when virtually everyone around the world is feeling the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, Cyndi Hall of Manitou Galleries hopes people gain some comfort from a two-man show at the gallery’s Palace Avenue location in Santa Fe, NM, this
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Stephanie Paige Thomson
A SIGNATURE WORK by Stephanie Paige Thomson, at age 4 or 5, was an enormous face enthusiastically rendered on computer paper. Hyperbolic and emotive, her trademark faces usually expressed pure happiness or utter terror, and they often sat atop the “t