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We love a good It Girl but when you spot one with hair that is one-part platinum blonde and the other raven black, we do a good ol’ tap back on that Instagram Story. Yet Issa Pressman’s hair isn’t the most eye-catching thing about her—in fact, everything about her demands a second glance, and a third, and fourth. Her style is fresh, edgy, and almost always evolving. It’s trendy but definitely not in the mainstream. The

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Mega Man3 min de lecture
Pause Or Play
I’ve become a germophobe. I’m afraid to touch anything outside of my house and it has become so bad that I don’t want to leave the confines of my home. Since the lockdown in March, I’ve only left the house less than fifteen times. I’m afraid to touch
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Red Flag
Keep red sartorial pieces masculine by pairing them with black accessories or patterned garments ■
Mega Man1 min de lecture
Where Do We Go From Here?
Much has been said about this year in volatile and violent exasperations. This isn’t a tale of gloom and doom, but with a point of reference rendered as what once was, we are now left to figure out where life leads us in a world post-pandemic. While