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EDUCATION How will Africa win the future?

That man was a legend in his own time and such words carry immense weight – and so too has education always been a major challenge in Africa. From the shackles of colonialism to the technological advances that have projected even the most primitive who are being dragged onto a digital high speed train, education in Africa has, is and always will be key to societies that are to prosper and be regarded as equal players on a global scale.

There has been much talk and practice of implementing Afro-Centric curriculums, with some experts, not all, advocating programs that empower African people, focusing inward on all things that surround us as opposed to things that originate from across the shores of Africa.

That concept is not unique and many countries, including those outside of Africa, have adapted their curriculums to include their own cultural identity and ethos.

From the eco-systems of Silicon Valley to the slums of Nairobi, and the squeaky-clean streets of Doha, experts are adamant that education as we know it is changing. No longer does a formalised,

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