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rocock is launching the XR – a range of compact, sidelever-operated air rifles that will replace the company’s current

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Airgun Shooter3 min de lecture
Over the course of the lockdown I have been out in the garden doing some plinking and target practice. As time went on I started to look for different types of targets and whilst online I came across a fantastic website called Shooting Skull Targets
Airgun Shooter3 min de lecture
Dressed To Impress
Nowadays most of the successful competition shooters use air rifles that are highly configurable. During the lockdown period I was fortunate enough to test out some of these amazing rifles that were kindly loaned to me by a friend. Most manufacturers
Airgun Shooter5 min de lecture
Baiting For Rats
My very first permission, gained many years ago, is a field in the next village. It’s only a few acres, but wandering about the hedgerows with my HW35, I could have been stalking the Highlands of Scotland or roaming the great plains of Africa. Before