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If you prefer a story with a happy ending, then this isn’t for you – even though it’s simply a reflection of one of the facts of life. Most of us are aware that in our almost throw-away society, today’s cherished gizmo could almost be redundant by tomorrow. Load carriers may last a bit longer but the stringent demands controlling exhaust emissions means that trucks more than 10-15 years old are rarely seen as the fall away of their residual value means they have to be something special to stay in service – at least in the UK.

True the preservation world has woken up to this growing trend and in people like Leicestershire based David Crouch, we have someone who is soaked in the folklore of an industry that gets into the blood. We have featured David’s preservation efforts many times in the pages of HC (for an example, see February ’19 issue). And while he is a dealer at heart – who has to buy and sell to earn a crust – he still feels a responsibility of trying to save anything which is slightly special.

None came more special perhaps than the two heavy duty Scammell Contractor 6x4s TRL 924H and UVN 44S. And while it’s more than 25 years since David sold them to be cut up, it’s something that still lies heavy on his heart. “In the early ‘90s, it was a different era,” he says. “The UK’s heavy haulage industry was going through a massive shakedown and almost no one wanted the big Scammells of old. They may have been strong but there was no work for them – and they were

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