3 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at ETFs

Most people who invest after-tax dollars look for ways to boost their returns while reducing long-term expenses. That's a big reason so many investors turn to mutual funds and ETFs; both options make it easy to buy a single investment and keep it for the long haul with lower costs than some alternatives.

But which investment option will net you the greatest results? While no one knows for sure, I recently interviewed Ryan Kirlin on the Stay Wealthy Podcast to get his take.

Ryan is an ETF expert and Head of Capital Markets for Alpha Architect who strongly believes ETFs will prevail over mutual funds in the long run due to three major advantages they have.

ETFs vs. mutual funds - what is the difference?

Before we dive into the advantages of ETFs over mutual funds, it's important to remember that your hard-earned money should not be invested without an in place. An IPS guides how

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