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NZ MARKETING: Why is creativity crucial to the NZ economy? What is your role in this? What does it mean for the future of work?

JIM GALL: It’s generally agreed that the creative economy spans many different sectors, including the advertising industry - which on its own contributes more than $6 billion to the NZ economy.

Being a net exporter, New Zealand must remain at the cutting edge of creativity and innovation in order to build value in the country’s brands beyond our borders. It’s why we frequently talk about producing work that is ‘world famous in New Zealand’.

Our ambition for New Zealand is that we put creativity at the heart of everything we do to give New Zealand businesses a competitive advantage. Looking towards the future, we must ask how we build the skills to allow us to deliver the highest value outcomes; how we create an environment where creatives deliver world-class work and how strategists can solve world-scale issues.

We must deliver authentically on the experiences that go beyond the traditional advertising channels to reach today’s consumers, whose expectations are now higher than ever.

We are always looking at how our

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