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Architecture Australia7 min de lecture
Small public: Relativities
Small is not necessarily insignificant. To contend this requires us to uncouple scale from impact. Through our practice, Kerstin Thompson Architects (KTA), we’ve identified two key ways in which the design and delivery of the small public project can
Architecture Australia6 min de lecture
A New World
Looking out of my window in locked-down London, the world looks much as it did a few months ago, and yet everything has changed. Even leaving the house has become a trial. Everyday interactions – a handle, a button, a handshake, a conversation – have
Architecture Australia6 min de lecture
Northshore Car Wash Twohill and James
In regional towns and cities across Australia, the car reigns supreme. The time-honoured tradition of “chucking a blockie” or “hacking a mainy” (driving around the inner city or up and down the main street) remains a favourite pastime. It is a well-w