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The True Promise of Mindfulness

Mark ColemanNew World Library

Longtime meditation teacher and naturalist Mark Coleman—author of and , among others—is at pains to demonstrate in his new book that mindfulness is definitely, incontrovertibly about finding an escape from the pain we find in the midst of

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Your Brain Predicts (almost) Everything You Do
From the moment you’re born to the moment you draw your last breath, your brain is stuck in a dark, silent box called your skull. Day in and day out, it continually receives sense data from the outside world via your eyes, ears, nose, and other senso
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Mindful Or Mindless?
Endangered Thai elephants are safe in rescue worker Mana Srivate’s care: He revived a wild baby elephant using CPR after it was struck by a motorcycle (the rider wasn’t badly hurt). After a medical check, the baby was reunited with its mother. In Sal
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Let’s Get Real
What does it mean to be authentic? “To accept myself with love and compassion, and follow my path with joy and gratitude.“ Candace Z. “It means to be honest about what’s in my head and heart, but in a way that’s mutually respectful and productive.” w