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Our must-read story this issue: “A New Way to Work,” reporter Alan Green’s story on how the WELL Building Standard can change people’s lives just by upgrading their surroundings—including making space for quiet time, movement, and rest. On page 64.

so often disappoints. All hat, no headline blared, “Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate.”

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Corporate giants have been making the switch from cubicles to open concept offices over the past decade. A recent case study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that an increase in distractions from being in an open work environment can
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A global pandemic is a very inconvenient time to fall into the arms of cancer, chemotherapy, and hospital hijinx. And yet there we were, my husband and I, suddenly facing zillions of jagged little decisions and challenges. Meanwhile, everyone we knew
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How the Body and the Mind Experience and Endure Physical Suffering Abdul-Ghaaliq Lalkhen, MD • Scribner Anyone whose doctor ever asked them to describe pain on a scale from 1 to 10 knows just how hazy our understanding of pain is. There is perhaps no