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Our must-read story this issue: “A New Way to Work,” reporter Alan Green’s story on how the WELL Building Standard can change people’s lives just by upgrading their surroundings—including making space for quiet time, movement, and rest. On page 64.

so often disappoints. All hat, no headline blared, “Hey Boss, You Don’t Want Your Employees to Meditate.”

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Mindful1 min de lecturePsychology
True Happiness Comes From Your Higher Self
An authentic life is a happy life. When we follow the world’s cues, we move farther away from our authentic self—that wise, all-knowing part of ourselves I like to call the “higher self.” Your higher self knows you well. It recognizes your highest go
Mindful2 min de lecturePsychology
The Light Gets In
This past year has been hard. Currently, I have a torrent of gnarly emotions stashed behind a mental dam that I’m not fully dealing with—the dam cracks a little each time I acknowledge it so I’m choosing not to look at it for very long. I’m saving it
Mindful1 min de lecture
Mindful live
We’re bringing our content to life with Mindful Live—a series of in-depth, online conversations, and events featuring mindfulness experts on how we can enjoy better health, cultivate more caring relationships, and create a more compassionate society.