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Teaching the whole person

According to the American College Health Association, nearly 1 in 5 students struggle with anxiety or depression, and the most recent report from the Center for Collegiate Mental Health lists these two conditions as the top reasons students seek counseling. One of the more creative attempts to address the challenge is a for-credit course called The Art and Science of Human Flourishing, piloted by the University of Virginia, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and Penn State. It recognizes the fact that college students face the multidimensional challenge of succeeding academically and adjusting to living on one’s own while maintaining a healthy social life–spheres that have traditionally been treated separately. David Germano, religious studies professor and director of UVA’s Contemplative Sciences Center, says one of the keys to the course is students doing “reflective tasks together and actively making sense of what they

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Beginner’s MIND
Q I’m struggling with adding movement to my day. How can I use my mindfulness practice to make exercise more intuitive? A Set a clear intention before you begin. An intention is like a compass: It directs your mind, keeping you motivated and focused.
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The Science of Deep Sleep
There’s a master clock inside your head. Tucked deep inside your brain, this expert timekeeper keeps all of the cells in your body running smoothly, protects you from chronic disease, and helps you have deep, rejuvenating sleep. To keep these systems
Mindful2 min de lecturePsychology
A Kind Space
We’re all being called to tap into our deepest wells of resilience and expand with skill and compassion. But how do we do that right now when there’s so much vying for our attention all at once? From the national trauma of racial injustice, to climat