Don’t Vacate Your Vacation

A gentle breeze lazily rocks hammock I’ve been lying in for hours. My breath is low and slow, and I’m smiling for no reason. It’s vacation time. It feels so good to do nothing on purpose, to stretch out, curl up, and let myself rest. It is necessary, but it isn’t always easy to relax and stop being so busy, even just for a while. It requires a clear intention to make room for some nourishing downtime.

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Try to maintain a consistent sleep-wake cycle (and thus a consistent dark-light cycle) by going to sleep and getting up at the same time every day. Try not to deviate more than an hour on weekdays, and more than two hours on weekends. Get as much day
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A Kind Space
We’re all being called to tap into our deepest wells of resilience and expand with skill and compassion. But how do we do that right now when there’s so much vying for our attention all at once? From the national trauma of racial injustice, to climat