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The Zen of Retirement Living

HAD SOMEONE TOLD Susan O’Connell, when she started her Zen journey over thirty years ago, that one day the San Francisco Zen Center would be a partner in a retirement community, she would have politely questioned their sanity.

And yet today that very same Susan O’Connell is spearheading one of the most audacious Life Plan Communities ever

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Lion's Roar4 min de lectureEnvironmental Science
A Poisoned World
THE WORLD IS BURNING BECAUSE OF US. Not only wild ecosystems, but human social systems around the world teeter at the brink of collapse or have already fallen over the edge. Refugees press against borders, driven by climate change, war, demographic o
Lion's Roar1 min de lecture
Lion's Roar
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Attachment: My Big Mistake
When I first came to Buddhism, I heard “Attachment is the cause of suffering” and thought I knew what it meant. I was in recovery, I’d given up alcohol, and my life had gotten better. So it seemed simple enough: figure out what you’re attached to tha