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In its summertime glory, a Southern garden is nothing short of an oasis. Between the towering tomato plants and the crookneck squash with vibrant yellow flowering buds, recipes are born and memories are made. Serving as the backbone of many of our favorite warm-weather dishes, gardens in the South aren’t just a hobby. Like cooking with your grandmother’s castiron skillet, gardening is a deeply rooted, generations-old tradition that connects us to days long gone by.

Home gardens were once essential for survival. Without the equivalent of our modern grocery stores, early American colonists relied on their humble gardens to fill their supper tables. Kitchen gardens, as they were called, were small, no-fuss enclosed plots near the home’s back door where nutritional staples like fruits, vegetables, and herbs took center stage. But

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Southern Cast Iron2 min de lectureChemistry
Cast Iron Care
If you take the time to properly care for your cast-iron cookware, it will reward you and your family with generations of loyal service. Follow these tips to keep your heirlooms—whether seasoned or enameled iron—in tip-top shape. Be sure to clean you
Southern Cast Iron3 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Grandma’s Skillet Goes Global
My grandma was part of the reason why I started cooking professionally. Without her or her small collection of cast iron, my culinary life would be incomplete. Nearly every meal my grandma made began in her 10-inch cast-iron skillet. Gumbo, jambalaya
Southern Cast Iron1 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Breakfast Any Time
Makes 6 servings We took inspiration from the traditional Spanish omelet, tortilla Española, that’s filled with creamy onions and tender potatoes, and simplified the cooking process for this breakfast-round-the-clock crowd-pleaser. ¾ cup extra-virgin