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BEFORE MY 50th birthday, I plunged into depression. It coincided with my children leaving home, winding up my business and caring for

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Our Criteria:
THAT’S WHYEACH product is carefully scrutinised by our Eco Living Editor Ellen Tout to ensure it meets our standards. The chosen products are then tested by our panel of 25 discerning readers to be rated and reviewed. We will only ever include brands
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What Will Help You Open Up In Relationships?
When you grow up absorbing the message that showing your emotions upsets others, you quickly learn to self-edit to protect the people you love and depend on. Were you told that being grown up means not expecting others to manage your feelings for you
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“I Feel Hopeless And Stuck In A Sexless Marriage”
QI can’t stand my husband. We have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for five years and haven’t had sex for two. I’ve been financially independent for most of my life, but I am not working at the moment due to health issues and I feel trapped. Aft