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In the 1980s, when Nature Morte—Peter Nagy’s legendary East Village, New York gallery—was championing a new kind of neo-conceptualmeets-pop art, its founder and gallerist was also, in parallel, working

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Architectural Digest India1 min de lecture
Ad100 Trophy
When Mumbai-based design firm Case Design first began imagining the AD100 trophy in 2017, inspiration struck while working on their Topologic bowls, a collection of shallow vessels that plays with squares, circles and triangles. Three years since, th
Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
The House Next Door
From the upcoming book, ‘Loss’ by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi, AD excerpts a chapter—a photo memoir. In 2007, my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. He lived in a large house in north Mumbai. After the cancer, the proportions of the house amplifi
Architectural Digest India4 min de lecture
Diana Kellogg
Over many emails exchanged back and forth for the last eight months, Diana Kellogg, a New York– based architect, sent AD glimpses of what was emerging in the deserts of Jaisalmer. The first image was of a spectacular ellipse, made in stone, one oval