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The idea was to rediscover the richness of the floral world—the richness of plants and leaves, intimately intertwined,” says Benoît-Pierre Emery, creative director at Objets et La Table at Hermès, about the

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Architectural Digest India3 min de lecture
When It Clicked
I spend a lot of time talking to photographers. Briefing them on the corners of a house they shouldn’t miss, on the temperament of the homeowner and why we commissioned them for a particular project. Calling in feedback on images while they’re shooti
Architectural Digest India5 min de lecture
Style Notes
Wooden houses are gradually gaining popularity in India. Especially in areas with infrastructure and accessibility challenges, a growing awareness of the relationship between human health, the environment and the economy has given rise to the concept
Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
Raghu Rai
A house becomes a home when it begins to reflect the spirit and the feelings of those who live there. More than walls and a roof, it is a family, or friends, that make a home. But it is also a tangible marker of one’s growing up, of one’s inheritance