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Moving Out
The idea of setting up Flexform came to the Galimberti brothers—Romeo, Pietro and Agostino—in the late 1950s, in Brianza, in northern Italy. And it was as much about time and place as it was about inspiration. The area sat at the crossroads of tradit
Architectural Digest India4 min de lecture
Douglas Friedman
The high desert of far West Texas can be unforgiving terrain. Just ask Douglas Friedman, the globe-trotting photographer renowned for his copious talents and bonhomie, to say nothing of his signature moustache and tattoos. Nine years ago, Friedman fe
Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
Iwan Baan
I have been homeless for years; I’ve been travelling since I started photography. But a couple of years ago, my house and studio in Amsterdam burned down and I was literally homeless. I started living in hotels 365 days a year. Now, I feel at home, q