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When is a building not a building? Answer: When it is a bridge. To be more specific, when it is a bridge between traditional craft methodologies and their application in the modern world. The building in question is Chanel’s Le

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All Rise
At Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît—between a textured ceiling and black-and-white mosaic floor—are apricot banquettes, and walls of soft pink, lilac and warm nimbus grey. Outside, a sidewalk garden and Parisian street lamps border an al fresco section decora
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Where Nature Meets Luxury
Reddy’s house is simple, calming and has an uncluttered appeal with clean, minimalistic usage of colour and material. But at the same time, he wanted his house to exude a hint of luxury. “Normally if you see rustic homes, they have simple furniture w
Architectural Digest India4 min de lecture
Roland Beaufre
This Hansel and Gretel cottage belongs to photographer Roland Beaufre, who has lived here, near Le Mans, for more than 10 years (when not in Tangier, or away on assignment). Roland did not always want to be a photographer; he started out studying fin